Study Tour to Karnataka
A study tour to Karnataka was organised for 3 year B. Arch. students from 12 Dec. to 23 Dec. 2012, total 66 students, 04 faculty members and 01 Ph.D. scholar visited Karnataka. The tour was mainly focused on study & observation of contemporary architecture with emphasis on commercial spaces & as well as services of the building. We have also visited some historic buildings and sites during the tour.

During stay in Bangalore we studied various commercial complexes, Business hotels, IT Park and Amusement Park. We started our journey with one day stay in ooty and one day stay in Mysore to see the grandness of Mysore palace and visited other parts of the city. In last part of the tour, we went to Hampi, the magnificent site of Vijaynagar dynasty, to explore the architectural glory of that time. The ten days study tour was successfully conducted under the guidance of Ar. Prashanti Rao, Ar. Shweta Saxena, Ar. Sandeep Arora, Prof. Piyush Hajela and Dr. Devarshi Chaurasia.