PhD Scholars
Ankit Kumar
Guidelines for Evacuation of Elderly During Disasters.
Anushri Burman
Conservation of urban wetlands..
Apurv Shrivastava
Research Area: Managing A Project Early on: Project Management Inputs in Architectural Design.
Ashfaque Alam
Research Area: Impact of Small and Medium Towns on Regional Development.
Ashutosh Kumar
Framework for Smart City Sustainable Development in India.
Bade Shomit Dilip
Research Area: Developing Water Sustainability Index for Urban Areas.
Balaji V
Developing a method to evaluate the significance of a cultural landscape from the depth of its knowledge system.

Gaurav Vaidya
Research Area: Urban Sanitation.

Gayatri Nanda
Research Area: Temporal Transformations in the built Fabric Created by Festivals and its Effect.

Karna Sengupta
Research Area: Interrelation of Educational Campus and City .
Manju Baisoya Pundeer
Research Area: Environmental Sustainability and performance issues in large scale urban development projects.
Manjusha Misra
Research Area: Planned evolution of Vernacular Architecture to meet Contemporary Needs – Investigating the Large Scale Adaption of Laurie Baker's Architecture for Housing the Urban Poor.
Navajyothi Subhedar
Nayana R. Singh
Research Area: Traditional Knowledge Systems of Built Heritage for reducing the disaster risk: A Critical Analysis of Hill Region of Uttarakhand.

Niraj Pillai
Research Area: Wadas of Maharashtra: A world within a world.

Nivedita Yashwant Fadnis
Research Area: Development of Combinatorial Matrix for Discerning Indian Urbanism by Defining Variables and Constants in Actor-Network Theory in Indian Context.

Piyush Hajela
Research Area: Transformations in Built form Fabric of Cites .
Poonam Khan
Research Area: Evaluation of Aptitude for Architecture Education: A case study of India .
Poornima Jayaraj
Improving resilience of coastal ecosystem through conserving coastal wetland ecosystem services.
Prajakta Rahate
Research Area: Enhancing Climate Change Resilience to Urban Heat Through Green Infrastructure.

Prashanti Rao  
Research Area: Urban Green Spaces V/s Brown Field Area for Housing Development in Growing Cities.

Research Area: Agro Industrial Linkage.
Premjeet Das Gupta
Research Area: Understanding Barriers to Bicycle Use in Metropolitan Core and Planning for Bicycle Prioritization in Selected Localities: The Case of Kolkata.

Purna Sheolikar 
Research Area: Low Carbon City
Rahul Tiwari
Research Area: Rationalization of Service Level Benchmarks (SLB) for Public Transport System in India

Sandeep Arora
Research Area: Working with leftover: Spaces, Material, People.
Savita Subherwal Raje
Research Area: A Critical Enquiry towards development and safeguarding the future of Historic Urban Landscapes of India.

Shweta Saxena
Research Area: Teaching Sustainability : Hands-on learning through Design-build Studios.
Shweta Vardia
Research Area: Developing Guidelines to Improve Accessibility for Diverse Mobility Impaired Users in Heritage Sites.
Sonal Tiwari
Research Area: Inter Relationship between Riparian Ecosystem and Traditional Livelihoods of Narmada Basin.

Supriya Kukreja
Research Area: Modern interpretations Integrated in Indian Architecture.

Sushil Kumar Solanki
Research Area: Performance Based Building Standards.

Yogesh M Keskar
Research Area:Housing and Urban Planning

Vinita Paikra
Research Area: Integrated Water Management an Important Aspect for City Planning.